About us

Welcome to Stay in the Heart of Levi!

Enjoy privacy right in the centre of Levi.

We provide different types of accommodation: small twin cabins, terraced houses with apartments of different sizes and also accommodation for bigger groups. All apartments are well equipped and cosily furnished.

We are at your service in the reception during the day to assure you and your clients a successful holiday.

  • key service from 9 am to 10 pm
  • reception is open daily from 12 to 8pm (EXC. holidays)
  • 35 apartments – 188 beds in total
  • the services of the Levi centre are only a few steps away
  • some of the apartments are suitable for physically disabled people
  • wireless wifi in all apartments
  • smoking is not allowed inside the apartments
  • caravan site with 52 pitches

The ski and hiking tracks start almost straight from our back yard, and the pistes are at a walking distance.

Levilehto Apartments –  a piece of history in Levi!

Life in Kittilä begun in 3500-3000 b.c. and the first inhabitant, Paavo Yletyinen, was reported in the village’s list of men in 1619. The potential for tourism in Kittilä and Sirkka was not realised until some years after Finland declared its independency in 1917. Downhill skiing started around 30’s, though skiing itself was already common in Lapland. The downhill skiing grew its popularity little by little, and in 1964 they built the first ski lift in Levi.

From the starting of downhill skiing, started also the tourism in Sirkka. The second world war put a halt to the tourism for some years but after the war, the tourism truly started growing. The first tourism company was established in 1953, by its original name Sirkan Matkailumaja, which is nowadays known as Levilehto Apartments.

Before changing its name to Levilehto Apartments, the family company was also known as Levin Matkailumaja for some years. The current owners bought the place in 1994 and in 2004 they changed the name to what it is now. Levilehto Apartments rents apartments and caravan spots in the centre of Levi.

The roots of Levilehto lie deep in the history of Levi and the story still goes on.