Caravan places


Levilehto Apartments adheres to the following conditions when ordering, booking and canceling short term caravans place rentals:

Booking and payment

After making a reservation, the customer receives invoices with payment details for both the prepayment and the final payment. The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment (30% of the total price) by the due date. Levilehto Apartments reserves the right to cancel the reservation if payment has not been made by the due date. If the arrival date is in four (4) weeks or under when the reservation is made it will be billed on one invoice.

Cancellation of reservation

In case of cancellation by the customer:

* 30 days or earlier before the start of the rental period there is a cancellation fee of € 14.50 + service fee of € 6.00.

* If cancellation is made later than 30 days prior to the rental period the whole amount will be charged

The cancellation will only be effective when the cancellation is notified in writing to Levilehto Apartments. In the event of a sudden illness/ injury/ death of a close relative or your travel companion that might lead to a cancellation, you need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover the costs of the booking. The host will also follow the booking conditions mentioned above in these cases! We recommend our clients to have travel insurance for possible emergencies and unexpected events.

COVID 19 – International Travel Restrictions and Flight Cancellations

The customer does not have the right to deviate from the booking and cancellation terms and conditions and does not have the right to cancel their booking on the basis that the customer that made the booking or the guests are not able to arrive at the accommodation at the booked arrival time as a result of the travel restrictions imposed by Finland or the country of departure as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Travel restrictions do not count as “Force Majeure” events/circumstances, as international travel restrictions which are due to the COVID-19 epidemic are not unforeseen. In this situation, the customer’s cancellation and no-shows will be subject to the standard booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

The above also applies in the event that the customer or the guests cannot enter Finland due to the cancellation of flights or changes in schedules. Flights may be cancelled and rescheduled due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and are not “Force Majeure” events/circumstances as these circumstances are not an unforeseen situation.


Any possible changes made within the cancellation policy mentioned above cause an extra charge of EUR 20 as change fee, i.e. changes to the accommodation destination, period of staying, additional services or number of guests.


Levilehto Apartments has the right to charge the costs of a lost key (i.e re-locking and making new keys). The minimum fee is 100 €.

Levilehto Apartments has the right to charge compensation if we have to open the door due to a key left inside while the reception is closed. Our reception is open from 12:00 until 20:00 daily. Please contact us no later than 20:00 on the same day if you arrive when the reception closed.

Stay at the resort

The caravan place is available from 16:00 on the day of the arrival until 16:00 on the day of the departure. The place holder is not entitled to further rent his wagon in the Levilehto area. A front tent is not allowed. The sauna facilities and the service building are always in use with the customers own key. No unknown person should be allowed to enter the maintenance building with a key. The saunas are warm daily.

The customer is obliged to maintain cleanliness both in the yard and on the premises of the maintenance building.

Open flames are strictly forbidden in the area. Silence in Silence on Levilehto Apartments property is between 23 (11pm) and 7am.

If Levilehto’s staff considers that the rules and booking conditions have not been complied with, Levilehto is entitled to cancel the reservation. If the reasons for the cancellation are clearly due to negligence or intentional, Levilehto Apartments may immediately cancel the reservation and the customer is not entitled to any refund of the rent. The person making the reservation is liable for any costs from damage intentionally or unintentionally caused to the holiday resort during the stay. If the customer causes damage to the resort, they must immediately inform the staff. If any equipment in the maintenance building breaks down due to normal wearing, Levilehto staff must be notified immediately and they must call the serviceman as soon as possible. No normal wear of the equipments or power failure will result in Levilehto being liable for damages, but repair should be made as soon as possible. 

Disruption or cancellation of the lease due to an incident

If, despite the notice given by the staff, the customer does not cease to cause disturbance or danger to persons in the same or neighboring caravans, Levilehto Apartments is entitled to cancel the reservation immediately. All costs resulting from the above operations will be charged from the customer. Vacation rentals are non-refundable. 

Number of people

The caravan must not be used by more than the stated headcount. The use of an additional tent or caravan on the property without a permit is prohibited. Pets must be notified at the time of booking or at the latest prior to payment of the reservation fee. Pet waste must be collected from the yard. 


If the resort does not meet the expectations the customer had at the time of booking, they must immediately inform the property staff. All remarks and complaints regarding the equipment and condition of the resort must be addressed to staff immediately upon arrival. In equipment complaints should take into account the natural wear of the equipment and that it may cause the equipment to break down naturally. The staff should then, as far as possible, promptly rectify any defects. In such cases, for example, the weekend, time of day, or holiday may delay the correction. 

VAT is subject to legislation.