These booking conditions set out the terms on which you make a contract with us, Levilehto Apartments.

A contract exists between you and Levilehto Apartments and all conditions become binding to us both once you have made the booking. The booking must be made by an adult person. A written permit is required in a case that under 18 year old is travelling without parents.



Your booking is definite when you have received the invoice attached with the information about the accommodation.
If your booking is made later than eight (8) weeks before your stay at Levilehto you pay the whole reservation in full. In bookings made eight (8) weeks before the arrival we send you advance- and final invoices.  Advance payment is 30% of the whole accommodation price.
If not stated otherwise if we don’t receive your payment it is not considered as cancelling the reservation. We need all cancellations in written. If the balance is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

The service fee is 8€ if the booking is made directly from Levilehto (phone or email). If the booking is made through an internet website the service fee is 0€.


The service fee for bookings made through the internet is 0 €. As payment methods you may choose from the following:

* pay the advance payment and the service charge and print yourself the final invoice to be paid on due date. Only the final invoice will be produced if it is less than eight (8) weeks to your arrival.

* pay all at once

The internet booking can be paid by a valid credit card.

Payments with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard:

If you want to pay with Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards, acts Levilehto Apartments only as the marketer of services and products and delivers the products to buyers. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj is responsible for reclamations.
Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj acts as the seller in Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard payments and the deal is made between the customer and Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj. The seller is responsible for all deal related obligations. Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj is also the payment recipient.

Paytrail Oyj
Business-ID: FI2122839
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
FIN-40100 Jyväskylä
Telephone: +348 207 181830


Suomen Verkkomaksut Oyj (FI2122839) provides netbank related payment transfer services in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For consumer the service works exactly the same way as traditional web payments.

You are responsible for printing to yourself the receipt, the invoice, the description page and the booking conditions. The booking system will send a confirmation of the booking to the e-mail address you have provided during registration. Levilehto Apartments will not send any invoices, confirmations or information to you if the booking is made through the internet. The booking is not valid if you have not returned back to the confirmation page after the payment has been done – the internet page does not confirm the booking. Levilehto Apartments is not responsible for failed bookings. You should immediately contact Levilehto Apartments to solve the situation. Levilehto Apartments does not guarantee that the wanted accommodation is still available. If the accommodation unit is no longer available, the money will be refunded back to you, or an alternate unit will be offered. During the booking procedure you also accept these booking conditions and the general internet user terms. You are responsible for studying the terms, conditions and the instructions to book an accommodation before placing an order.

These booking and payment terms apply in the reservation made directly through Levilehto Apartments’ own website booking system, by calling Levilehto Apartments or by email. For bookings made through some other way, different booking and payment terms may apply.


Should you want to cancel your booking, you must always do so in writing to Levilehto Apartments. If you cancel the booking:

*40 days prior to arrival: the paid amount will be returned deducted with the cancellation fee of 55 € and the service fee 8 €/internet 0 €.

*later than 40 days prior to arrival: the whole amount will be charged and no refunds are made.

*If you book accommodation 39-14 days prior to arrival, you have the right to cancel the booking within 5 days.

*If you book accommodation 13-1 days prior to arrival, you have the right to cancel the booking within 1 day.

The cancellation will take effect from the day we receive your written notification. If you can prove you have made and sent your cancellation to the right address to us at the due date, we will accept your cancellation whether we receive your notification late or none at all. In case of a sudden illness / injury / death of a close relative or your travel companion that might lead to a cancellation, you need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover the costs of the booking. Even in such cases our booking conditions are as mentioned above. We recommend our guests to have travel insurance for possible emergencies or unexpected events.

These cancellation terms apply if the reservation has been made directly through Levilehto Apartments’ own website booking system, by calling Levilehto Apartments or by email. For bookings made through some other way, different cancellation terms may apply.


The customer does not have the right to deviate from the booking and cancellation terms and conditions and does not have the right to cancel their booking on the basis that the customer that made the booking or the guests are not able to arrive at the accommodation at the booked arrival time as a result of the travel restrictions imposed by Finland or the country of departure as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. Travel restrictions do not count as “Force Majeure” events/circumstances, as international travel restrictions which are due to the COVID-19 epidemic are not unforeseen. In this situation, the customer’s cancellation and no-shows will be subject to the standard booking and cancellation terms and conditions.

The above also applies in the event that the customer or the guests cannot enter Finland due to the cancellation of flights or changes in schedules. Flights may be cancelled and rescheduled due to the COVID-19 epidemic, and are not “Force Majeure” events/circumstances as these circumstances are not an unforeseen situation.


Any possible changes made within the cancellation policy mentioned above cause an extra charge of EUR 20 as change fee, i.e. changes to the accommodation destination, period of staying, additional services or number of guests.


Levilehto Apartments reserve the right to cancel the booking in case of force majeure or other reasons out of Levilehto Apartments control such as e.g. fire and/or water damages in the booked accommodation. In this case we will notify you about the cancellation immediately and refund all money paid. Levilehto Apartments reserve the right to cancel the booking in case the payments are not done on time.


Levilehto Apartments has the right to charge the costs of a lost key (i.e. re-locking and making new keys)  The minimum fee is 100 €.Levilehto Apartments has the right to charge compensation if we have to open the door due to a key left inside the apartment or lost key  while the reception is closed. The reception is open daily from 12.00 to 8.00 pm.


Your accommodation will be at your disposal from 16.00 on your arrival day until 11.00 on your departure day. The normal temperature in the apartment is 20 – 22 C. Levilehto Apartments provides firewood for extra heating in apartments that have fire place.

You are expected to bring your own linen and towels with you and to do departure cleaning yourself unless you agree otherwise when booking your holiday.

If the final cleaning isn’t ordered, the following is to take care by customer them self:

  • vacuuming and mopping the floors
  • dusting
  • washing dishes (including coffee pot)
  • cleaning refrigerator, electric oven, microwave oven
  • careful cleaning of toilet, sauna and showers
  • garbage to the outdoor garbage can

When you have ordered the departure cleaning, please take care of the following:

  • all furniture put on the right place
  • dishes are washed (dirty dishes can be left in the dishwasher, which must be switched on)
  • all garbage need to be taken to the outdoor garbage can
  • bottles are gathered in one place
  • used bed linen are taken off from the beds.

Levilehto Apartments have the right to charge you a double fee for the extra cleaning if the accommodation is not in an acceptable state after your stay.

No smoking in the apartments / cabins! In case of smoking in the accommodation please notice that we will charge a cleaning fee of minimum 300€.

Silence on Levilehto Apartments property is between 23 (11pm) and 7am.

We cannot answer for goods left / forgotten to the apartment by the client.


If the customer causes damage to the resort, they must immediately inform the staff of Levilehto Apartments whether the damage is intentional or accidental.

If any equipment in the apartment breaks down due to normal wearing, Levilehto staff must be notified immediately and they must call the serviceman as soon as possible. No normal wear of the equipment’s or power failure will result in Levilehto being liable for damages, but repair should be made as soon as possible.


If, despite the notice given by the staff, the customer does not stop to cause disturbance or danger to persons in the same or neighboring apartments, Levilehto Apartments is entitled to cancel the reservation immediately. All costs resulting from the above operations will be charged from the customer. Vacation rentals are non-refundable.


The number of persons staying at a cabin or apartment should not exceed the number given in your invoice. Tents or caravans on the building site are not allowed without a separate permission. Pets are allowed into some accommodation units. Please inform about your pet whilst booking the apartment / cabin. You are obliged to clean the spoor after your pet.


If the resort does not meet the expectations the customer had at the time of booking, they must immediately inform the property staff. All remarks and complaints regarding the equipment and condition of the resort must be addressed to staff immediately upon arrival. In equipment complaints should take into account the natural wear of the equipment and that it may cause the equipment to break down naturally. The staff should then, as far as possible, promptly rectify any defects. In such cases, for example, the weekend, time of day, or holiday may delay the correction.

Levilehto Apartments are not responsible for possible harm or expenses caused by the forces of nature or unexpected weather changes, construction work in a neighbor building site, or problems caused by a third party like water-, electricity- or TV network interruption. Apartments have free Internet access for customers. Problems with the Internet connections need to be informed to the staff during the office hours. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Levilehto Apartments are not obliged to give any compensation of the accommodation costs due to a not properly working Internet connection.

We reserve the right for price changes.

VAT in valid regarding current legislation rules.