Opening hours:


The health and welfare of our customers and employees is important to us at Levilehto. Due to current situation we have decided to handle all the communication with you via phone or email for now. Whether you have a booking or not please, contact us by calling +358 403 120 200 or email us at

Let’s stay in good health and enjoy the spring sun!



Exceptions to opening hours:


Friday 12 (noon) to 4pm

Saturday 12 (noon) to 4pm

Sunday 12 (noon) to 4pm

Monday 12 (noon) to 4pm


Friday from 12 (noon) to 6pm

Saturday from 12 (noon) to 4pm

Sunday from 12 (noon) to 6pm

Independence Day

6.12. 12 (noon) to 6pm

Christmas and new Year

24.-26.12.  12 (noon) to 4pm

27.-30.12.  12 (noon) to 8pm

31.12.-1.1.  12 (noon) to 4pm